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Help us define the user requirements of the Decision Support System towards the production of sustainable biofuels!

The CERESiS project aims to provide a win-win sustainable solution to (a) scaling up non-ILUC biofuels production and (b) cleaning contaminated lands by facilitating land decontamination through phytoremediation, growing energy crops and producing clean biofuels.

To do so, an open access, modular and expandable Decision Support System (DSS) is under development, able to identify optimal solutions for each application. It will incorporate land, phytoremediation, technological, economic, environmental parameters providing critical information to stakeholders & policy makers on the suitability of combinations of phytoremediation strategies and conversion technologies for particular sites, contaminants, environmental restrictions etc.

The DSS tool development includes the definition of the user requirements, a task that is currently performed through the collection of input from potential users of the tool.

As a potential user of the DSS, your expertise is valuable. We therefore kindly ask you to participate to the following survey by answering to a few questions and providing your user story.

It is estimated that 15 minutes will be required to answer to the survey.

Click here to participate to the survey

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 101006717.